Reducing energy use in buildings

At Tiptoe Energy our goal is to help you make substantive reductions in the amount of energy it takes to heat/cool and run your home. Our main focus is on Passive House, the most rigorous, energy efficient building standard in the United States today. Mary Graham, the company founder, is a certified Passive House Consultant. We work with new construction and remodeling of existing buildings: residential, commercial and multi-family.

We are based near Ithaca and can work anywhere in the Central and Upstate New York areas.

Our services include:

Energy Modeling -
At the heart of Passive House is extremely accurate thermal modeling software. We can model your construction plans and evaluate them for Passive House criteria.

Design Consultation -
We work with homeowners, architects, engineers, and builders during the planning and construction phases to ensure that energy goals are smoothly integrated with other design goals.

Certification Management -
For Passive House certification we coordinate the collection of necessary documentation and submission of the application to the Passive House Institute - US.

General Contracting -
We can serve as general contractors depending on the job.



Passive House retrofit home featured in Recreating the American Home: The Passive House Approach. Mary Graham was the Passive House consultant on this project.


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